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Tired of muddy paws, bare spots and unsightly holes? K9Grass® by ForeverLawn® is the answer. Eliminate mud, increase cleanliness and get the yard that you (and your dog) will love.

Here’s why K9Grass is as good as it gets:

We’ve eliminated infill and constructed a knitted backing to create 100% edge-to-edge drainage. Plus, K9Grass is antimicrobial and non-toxic, making it safe for indoor and outdoor pet use. Every installation features proprietary techniques and gives a beautiful finish that lasts for years.


K9Grass Benefits

Incredible Drainage – Our knitted Flow-Through Backing™ allows for edge to edge drainage which means regardless where your pet goes to the bathroom their liquid waste immediately leaves the surface, meaning no odor.  In fact K9Grass drains at a rate of 2000-3000 inches per hour (100 times more then traditional artificial turf).

Cleaner Environment  – Since K9Grass does not use infill (sand, rubber, volcanic ash, etc.) it is strategically designed to be a cleaner environment for dogs that doesn’t slow drainage and accumulate waste.  In addition, no infill means no digging at or chewing rubber.

Antimicrobial – K9Grass is designed with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built into the blades to foster a cleaner, safer environment for dogs that deters the growth of harmful microbes.

Lasting Durability – K9Grass is constructed with premium materials and installed using customized methods for long-term durability. K9Grass installation specialists will install your turf using the best possible methods custom for your space.

Easy to Clean – The knitted, Flow-Through Backing of K9Grass allows liquids to immediately leave the surface making it easier to rinse.  In addition the turf’s dense blade construction causes solid waste to rest on top of the surface and be easily removed.

Extremely Low Maintenance – Not only is K9Grass easy to clean but it never needs mowed or fertilized.

Beautiful Year-Round – With K9Grass you always have a beautiful, lush green surface with no mud, unsightly holes or bare spots.

Residential Back Yard


ForeverLawn CTNY is locally owned and proudly services Westchester County, NY,  Fairfield County, CT and surrounding areas supplying ForeverLawn Premium artificial grass products.  We provide residents and business owners an alternative to high-maintenance natural grass while enhancing the beauty and value of their property. We install the highest quality, most technologically advanced artificial grass products in the world.


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